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e2e Accelerator 2016

Jul 11 - Oct 5 | Wichita, KS, US
Activating, Accelerating & Mentoring Entrepreneurs in the Heartland.

About this Program

The e2e Accelerator is Wichita’s first ever business accelerator focused on activating, accelerating and mentoring entrepreneurs in the Heartland. e2e’s accelerator differs typical accelerators in other respects because we aren't restrictive to just startups and will take companies of any age, provided they can be scaled.

Other accelerators accept “classes” of successful applicants into structured multi-week programs and have standardized arrangements for sharing equity. Not so with e2e, for each company we accelerate, programming and investment starts when we begin working with you. It ends three months later when we celebrate your mind blowing accomplishments.

Founded by several Wichita-based entrepreneurs and supported by a deeply experienced and talented pool of strategic mentors, the e2e Accelerator offers participating startups unmatched perspective and knowledge needed to succeed.

Companies participating in the e2e Accelerator will have access to the seasoned entrepreneurs who have made Wichita a powerhouse for advanced manufacturing, aerospace, franchising, hospitality, energy/oil & gas, healthcare, technology and the like. Companies include NetApp, High Touch, Spirit Aerosystems, Boeing, Airbus, Textron Aviation, Cargill, Coleman, Murfin Drilling, Koch Industries, Pizza Hut, Freddy's Frozen Custard, Rent-A-Center, WoodSpring Hotels, WaterWalk Hotel Apartments, and countless more.

Funding Information

  • Funds up to $30k per team
  • Accepts 5 companies


Aerospace, Agriculture, Construction, Consumer Products, Fashion + 9 more