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IBM WATSON 2016 Phase One

Oct 1 - Jan 31 | New York, NY, US
Shaping, focusing, propelling CUNY-made startups

About this Program


A two-page preliminary business case describing the use of IBM Watson for practical and creative applications that address higher education or government issues. The 2-pages does not include title page.

Step 1: Writing your preliminary 2-page Business case.
Milestone 1 is designed to get you thinking about your application for using IBM Watson technology to one of the two sectors included in the competition, Higher Education or NYC Government.

Think of the preliminary business case as a summary of your ideas of how IBM Watson can effectively be used to achieve the improvements you seek. You will refine and more fully develop your business case through the work that you do in the competition itself.

In preparing your business case consider the following:
-Provide an overview of which challenge you chose and why
-Describe the specific problem/challenge that your business case will address
-Discuss how and why your proposed application of IBM Watson technology makes sense
-Outline who will be involved in the implementation of your proposed application
-Define who will be impacted by your application
-Outline the positive benefits (economic or other) of your proposed application
-Make a case for why your proposed application should be pursued
-Consider the competitive landscape for your business case (are there other companies/organizations doing something similar?)

Identify who is in your team

-Depending upon the specifics of your business case, some of the above bullet points may relate to your executive summary more than others.

Tips: Feeling stuck? To get started, answer the following questions:
-What is the problem I am trying to solve?
-Who am I solving it for?
-Who will benefit from the proposed improvement?
-What do I have to do to create the improvement I seek?

Also, remember this is a case competition so when you are developing your idea you need to constantly consider IBM Watson’s role in achieving your goal to improve which ever sector you select. You are not expected to do any “computer coding”. Although you will not have access to IBM Watson technology you will still need to have an understanding of what Watson is capable of doing.


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