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Creative Destruction Lab - A.I. Stream 2018-19

Sep 20 - May 23 | Montreal, QC, Canada
Build Something Massive

About this Program

CDL helps innovators transition from science projects to high-growth scaleable companies.

The CDL program is a series of objectives-based meetings with our fellows; top angel investors & venture capitalists (Patrick Pichette, ex-CFO at Google), world-renowned scientists (e.g. Yoshua Bengio, A.I.) and leading business specialists.

CDL-Montreal takes no equity in the ventures that are admitted and charges no fees; it operates entirely from philanthropic donations.

We are complementary to incubator and accelerator programs, but as the only science-focused program of it's kind, we provide a type of support unmatched outside of Silicon Valley.

Our fellows & associates provide mentorship and typically offer significant capital investment.


Agriculture, Biotechnology, Business Products, Clean Technology, Industrial/Energy + 1 more