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CLIMB October 2021 (For Unfunded, Pre-Seed Startups)

Oct 15 - Jan 15 | Tucson, AZ, USA

We help global innovators deliver technology and build ventures. (Investors optional.)

About this Program

Innovation isn’t just for funded startups anymore. The Vertical technology and venture accelerator delivers everything you need to conceive and create transformative tech, and to launch new ventures without requiring traditional pre-seed or seed funding.

In our flagship, 12-week CLIMB program for early-stage and non-technical founders, you will learn how to quickly deliver the first version of your technology, and how to get your venture off the ground with that critical foundation in place.

You’ll start by building a strategic prototype, then testing and validating it with your target audience. If you’re successful, then you’ll be able to get your first customers and sales, and discover your first marketing channels for scale and growth. Or in other words, get real traction, all without depending on technical co-founders or investors.

Our Vertical framework, which is what you'll learn, is what makes this all possible, So what is Vertical exactly? It’s both a framework, like scaffolding that you can build on, and a process that you learn how to execute.

What it really comes down to is that once you know it, you’ll have a complete set of tools, resources and knowledge to build technology and ventures that truly connect with your audience. You'll be able to create beautiful curated experiences for them, that actually work as promised.

And here's the real magic: you’ll be able to do it for about ten times less than you would with other approaches, like hiring a development agency to design and build it for you. In fact, most of our early stage startups are able to deliver prototypes for less than twenty five hundred dollars, and then their first full releases for less than ten thousand.

Here's the bottom line: Vertical puts the cost of building complex technology in reach, so that it doesn't depend on pre-seed or seed funding. And that's a major game-changer.

We are looking forward to hearing more about your new startup venture, and how you can use Vertical to help make it a reality.

Funding Information

  • Accepts 2 companies


Fintech, Internet / Web Services, Software