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CLIMB Virtual Accelerator

Jul 15 - Dec 31 | Tucson, AZ, USA

We help global innovators deliver technology and build ventures. (Investors not required.)

About this Program

We are an accelerator for unfunded, early-stage tech startups. Gone are the days of trying to find angels and seed investors with just an idea. In our two-part CLIMB program, you will learn how to build technology that validates and tests the riskiest assumptions of your startup and kickstart a marketing and sales strategy, enabling you to gain real traction and have a solid plan to go to market. And most importantly, we will show you how to optimize the resources you put into your venture and go to market successfully without depending on traditional funding.

CLIMB is divided into two parts, each taking about six weeks.

Part 1 of CLIMB is for early-stage founders who are pre-product. You will learn how to deliver the first version of your technology quickly and get your venture off the ground with this critical foundation in place. The key is building a strategic prototype, then testing and validating it with your target audience.

Part 2 of CLIMB builds upon your success in building your technology in part 1. Here we dive into marketing and sales. You'll learn how to put your startup's foundational marketing infrastructure into place, get your first customers, and discover the first marketing channel to reach your audience.

So once you've completed your work in the CLIMB program, you will have a working prototype of your technology and a validated marketing and sales plan.

In other words, you'll have real traction, all without depending on technical co-founders or investors. And you will do this for the minimum amount of resources allowing you to not rely on funding or sacrificing equity.

And we have some exciting news for our next program: Go For Vertical will once again launch an additional Multicultural Women's cohort to promote inclusion for women founders of all backgrounds launching new tech ventures. Our goal is to help early-stage technology or technology-enabled companies led by multicultural women entrepreneurs access the resources they need to successfully develop their technology and go to market.

This is in addition to our open-enrollment April cohort, which will still serve the entire Gust community. We encourage all to apply! There is a place for everyone in our Go For Vertical accelerator programs.

We are looking forward to hearing more about your new startup and sharing how the Vertical accelerator can help make it a reality. To learn more, please visit our site at:


Funding Information

  • Accepts 6 companies


Electronics / Instrumentation, Fintech, Industrial/Energy, Internet / Web Services, Networking and Equipment + 1 more