Climate-Tech Startup Accelerator (Q1 2024) - Hosted by The Tampa Bay Innovation Center

Mar 6 - May 8 | St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Where innovation gets down to business.

About this Program

This program is focused on assisting climate and sustainability-focused technology ventures with their product and go-to-market strategy. Unlike most accelerator programs that focus on polishing your pitch, marketing, or raising money this program takes an “inside-out” approach: We prepare your company not to just “look ready” but to “be ready” to attracts customers, investors, and partners. TBIC helps companies hit the ground running and focus on building a sustainable growth plan. Our program helps CEOs develop into leaders who can rapidly execute plans and adjust when appropriate and gives them the experience to know how to navigate obstacles that derail promising startups. While a good pitch will attract investors, the deal is closed based on your response to questions and successful due diligence. Having the confidence that you can handle the next phase of your startup will help close deals and attract talent.

Some of the technologies applicable to this program include:
• Energy storage / energy delivery (smart-grid)
• Smart buildings & low impact development
• Smart cities & transit
• Acceleration of digital transformation
• Sustainable sources of power generation
• Marine science, monitoring, protection & restoration
• Weather monitoring & impact modeling
• Supply chain / retail waste reduction
• AgTech
• Low waste manufacturing
• Clean water / water conservation


Blockchain, Business Products, Education, Electronics / Instrumentation, Energy +9 more