Catalyst Entrepreneurship Program 2024 - Cohort 1

Mar 25 - May 31 | San Diego, CA, USA
Pursue. Innovate. Impact. Providing entrepreneurs the resources to translate ideas into reality.

About this Program

Catalyst is a 10-week program that will provide a comprehensive education for life science, medtech, and technology entrepreneurs. The program will give entrepreneurs the tools they need to successfully launch or scale their companies in these industries by providing connections to industry experts, mentors, vendors, and investors.

During the 10 weeks, the following are some of the topics that will be covered:
. Customer Discovery, Value Proposition, and Product Development
. Intellectual Property Strategy and Protection
. Regulatory Strategy and Approval Process
. Quality Management Systems, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
. Business Models, Marketing and Sales, and Commercialization Strategies
. Fundraising, Financial Strategies, and Scaling and Growth
. Leadership, Company Culture, DE&I, and the Entrepreneurial Experiences
. Grantwriting

The program will culminate in a Pitch Day event, where you have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors with a possible SPV formed for your startup.

Program cost: $10,000. Limited scholarships available. Includes access to lab/office space and lab equipment, such as cell culture room, fume hoods, PCR, westeron blot, etc. Also access to
3D printers, SOLIDWORKS, and potential technical assistance to help you test, validate, and/or validate your ideas or designs.

Aquillius is a life-science and medtech incubator that helps companies rapidly develop, test, prototype, and manufacture new technologies. Aquillius Ventures provides access to capital to help companies launch and grow.

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