Buildily - Advice Accelerator

Nov 19 - Jan 31 | London, UK

Buildily Virtual Startup Accelerator for early-stage entrepreneurs; helping to create the next generation of entrepreneurs

About this Program

Advice Accelerator by Buildily is a unique opportunity for startups to receive 1-2-1 advice with an expert plus all the Buildily accelerator benefit perks.

Advice Accelerator is not about teaching concepts through videos, it has been devised to concentrate on giving 'hands-on' advice on specific challenges your startup is facing. As part of this accelerator, you will be enrolled on a 1-2-1 basis or as members of your startup.


Through Group or 1-2-1 online consultations addressing your key business areas.

Through each consultation session all cohorts will experience:

‘Hands-on’ expert support to identify specific key challenges
Work through their hardest challenges faster.
Precisely identify routes to value
Anticipate problems before they arise
Understand what investors look for in a pitch

As part of our advice accelerator, eligible founders can receive up to £100k+ in credits from partners including IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Stripe and HubSpot.

How does the accelerator work?

Upon application, we will select which accelerator would be best for you and your business’s needs. Our accelerators are run in either:

Group Sessions: 4 x (1 hour 30 minutes) per cohort


1-2-1 sessions: 4 x 1 hour per cohort

Our accelerator sessions have been devised to address the most specific needs of the individual businesses. We, therefore, conduct our sessions with the following:

Clear and direct steps to help you address key areas
‘Ask Me Anything’ style interaction

We currently do not take equity in your startup. Subject to meeting the qualifying criteria, entry onto Buildily is £200 per team for group sessions and £300 per team for 1-2-1.

To learn more about Advice Accelerator visit https://www.buildily.com/advice-accelerator


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