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BootUP Ventures - StartUP BootCamp (Silicon Valley)

Sep 10 - Sep 14 | Menlo Park, CA, US

About this Program


BootUP invites highly motivated and aspiring startups to join a one week Bootcamp to help entrepreneurs grow their business to the next level. From pitch sessions to storytelling to go-to-market strategies to product/market fit and mindset transformation, the Bootcamp will cover all important aspects.
Our mentors and advisors will transform the way you think, learn and execute, giving you clarity on what matters the most to grow your business. You will also have the opportunity to network with investors, corporate leaders, tech experts, serial entrepreneurs and other founders like yourself. There is a program fee of $US1500 associated with the acceptance to the Bootcamp for each participant. A 2nd participant from the same company gets 50% discount on the program fee.

Bootcamp includes:

  • Pitch marathons and group sessions on competitive advantage, go-to-market, product/market fit, business model and storytelling

  • Multiple catered one-on-one sessions with tech professionals from corporations and serial entrepreneurs to fine tune your execution strategy

  • Pitch deck review - format & content

  • Network and interact with corporations and Silicon Valley investors

  • Talks and workshops on intellectual property, building a successful brand, fundraising for startups and more

  • Fireside chats with serial entrepreneurs, hear their success and failure stories first hand

  • Access to our global partner network of investors, mentors and founders to accelerate your company from the ground up


Your one week Bootcamp program, set in the heart of Silicon Valley, will include:

  • Mindset Transformation - It all starts with the right MINDSET. As an entrepreneur your mindset is your machine and your fuel for the entire journey. We transform the way you think and process information to execute in tough times by tweaking your engine for resilience and a strong hustle quotient.

  • Storytelling and Messaging - The ability to clearly communicate a message is key to a startup's success. Most entrepreneurs don't know how to tell their story that WOWs the audience and articulate their value proposition in a clear and compelling way. We work that out with you in multiple sessions until you get it right.

  • Extensive Pitch Training - Entrepreneurs need to be always on. You never get a second chance to pitch to an investor. We get you ready for different situations. From a 30-second elevator pitch to a 3 min. pitch to a 10 min. presentation, so it creates a “fear of missing out” and urging to invest.

  • Clear Go-to-Market Strategy - How do you acquire customers? Is your business built to scale?

  • The Proper Business Model - What is your financial business model? What are your auxiliary resources and how do you leverage them? When will you be cash accretive? How much cash you will burn before you become cash positive? This is the most important figure every VC will be interested in. We will help you out in evaluating it.

High level breakdown by day:

Monday: Mindset Transformation, Pitch Training
Tuesday: Storytelling and Messaging
Wednesday: Goto Market Strategy
Thursday: Business Model Pt 1, Pitch Competition
Friday: Business Model Pt 2.

What others say about us:

"#1 Place to Network in Silicon Valley" - Inc. Magazine

"Bootcamp is the best experience ever, best decision ever. Unexpected results. The environment, the people, the mentors, the format. Everything is conducive to learning and growing me outside my comfort zone." - Susan Bruch, YourStyleUnzipped

"I love the Bootcamp. It's a community, it's an ecosystem. Exactly what they tell you and exactly what you are going to get. An immersive experience with lots of mentors from different fields that are going to sit you down and work through exactly what you are doing with your company and where your direction should be. And just getting you where you are trying to go with complete catered attention to you." - Ivanna Eusebe, GlobalTable

"It's been an eye opener. I was able to get my Go-to-Market right." - Connor Hughes, Utillix

"It was very exciting and challenging. Being able to answer the hard questions and improving my pitch deck. The introductions to the people and the mentors who attended the program."
- Erin Bogdan, Thera

"Bootcamp is amazing! You get clear about your pitch and on how to get better. They move you from all over the world to be very focused. Great connections, great people!" - Leo Pimentel, VuMe

Our Mentors:
Some of our mentors include:
BootUP Mentors

About BootUP:
Based in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley, BootUP Ventures is a complete ecosystem connecting high-potential startup companies with investors, corporates, mentors and talent to generate growth and scale-up operations.

BootUP Ventures has accelerated 120+ startups who have raised more than USD 400 million in external investment and today have a combined valuation approaching USD 4 billion. By delivering these results, BootUP Ventures has been named one of the top three ecosystems in Silicon Valley. Underpinning BootUP’s success is a combination of high-touch mentoring of startups over time, global reach, a club-like atmosphere and a software platform that supports BootUP’s ability to execute fast by matching startups to mentors, investors, corporate partners and talent.
Unlike our competitors, BootUP Ventures is not a standard 3-month mass production pitch training program followed by a Demo Day to investors. BootUP’s core offering is instead to work with startups over two-years providing tailored mentorship and support along a company’s growth trajectory. The BootUP mentor network consists of over 800 outstanding individuals who provide in-depth expertise based on an assessment of what a start-up company needs at a particular point-in-time.

$1,500/Person. 50% discount for second attendee from the same startup (max 2 people per startup)
Room + Board: We have accommodations for the week, spaces are limited.

Funding Information

  • Takes up to 0.0% equity
  • Accepts 10 companies


Fashion, Fintech, Industrial/Energy, Internet / Web Services, Retailing / Distribution + 3 more