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BootUP Ventures - Startup Bootcamp (Silicon Valley)

Oct 21 - Oct 25 | Menlo Park, CA, US

About this Program

BootUP invites highly motivated entrepreneurs to apply to join our intensive one-week Bootcamp to help startups accelerate growth by focusing on the three Ms of startup success: Mindset, Model, & Messaging. If you are selected to participate in this Bootcamp, you will meet some of the brightest and most talented mentors across Silicon Valley in small groups and one-on-one sessions.

  • Mindset: It all starts with the right mindset. As an entrepreneur, your mindset is the machine that empowers you for the entire journey. We will help you transform the way you think, learn, and bring ideas to reality, enabling you to identify and prioritize what matters most to grow your startup.

  • Model: The rise in technology and innovation has changed the way consumers behave and businesses operate. We will help you refine your business model and identify ways to better leverage resources. We will also help you identify and evaluate metrics that investors care about most.

  • Messaging: The ability to clearly communicate a message is key to a startup's success. Most entrepreneurs struggle to articulate their value proposition in a clear and compelling way that WOWs their audience. Whether you are messaging to customers or investors, we will work with you in multiple sessions to help you get it right.

Experience the BootUP Difference

  • Small Group Workshops: Topics include business model transformation, product/market fit, competitive advantage, go-to-market strategies, storytelling, fundraising strategies, and more

  • Catered One-on-One Sessions: You will meet with tech professionals and serial entrepreneurs to discuss your specific challenges and to help you refine your business model and execution strategy

  • Pitch Training: We will provide you with the tools and practice to prepare you for different situations

  • Fireside Chats: Serial entrepreneurs will share their success and failure stories first hand

  • Access & Networking: You will have the opportunity to connect with an international group of investors, corporate leaders, tech experts, serial entrepreneurs, and other founders like you

Tentative Schedule

  • Monday (10am - 7pm): welcome, startup business model, entrepreneurial mindset, reception

  • Tuesday (9am - 7pm): storytelling, financial modeling, one-on-ones

  • Wednesday (9am - 7pm): growth marketing, fundraising strategies, one-on-ones

  • Thursday (9am - 7pm): pitch workshop, Demo Day (investor pitch), reception

  • Friday (10am - 2pm): fireside chats, closing


Discounted Program Cost: $1,500
Full Program Cost: $4,950

The full cost of the Bootcamp is $4,950 per participant. However, in order to ensure our high-quality program is affordable to early stage companies, we internally subsidize a majority of the cost for selected participants. With the current discount, the first attendee can enjoy the full program for a nominal fee of $1,500, and additional attendees from the same company can each join for an additional $750 per person.


We also offer accommodations at our corporate housing facilities, but spaces are limited

Visa Requirements

If you are traveling from outside of the United States, you must have a valid Visa for the duration of the program.

About BootUP

Based in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley, BootUP Ventures is a complete ecosystem connecting high-potential startup companies with investors, corporates, mentors and talent to generate growth and scale up operations. BootUP’s mission is to identify and accelerate companies and teams that have truly innovative and scalable ideas.

Unlike other incubators and accelerators, BootUP is not a standard three-month, mass production, pitch training program concluding with a single demo day. BootUP’s core offering is its Venture Studio, a two-year acceleration program that integrates individualized mentoring, education, investment, and networking with a focus on global partnerships and growth. BootUP also offers intensive bootcamps, co-working spaces, corporate consulting, and special events.

More than 120 startups from 60+ countries have been part of the BootUP ecosystem. Leveraging BootUP’s network of hundreds of mentors and partners, these startups have raised more than USD 400 million in external investment and have a combined valuation approaching USD 4 billion. As BootUP continues to expand its international resources and partnerships, it remains committed to its original vision to empower and support the global community of entrepreneurs and innovators.

What others are saying about us

  • "#1 Place to Network in Silicon Valley" - Inc. Magazine

  • "Bootcamp is the best experience ever, best decision ever. Unexpected results. The environment, the people, the mentors, the format. Everything is conducive to learning and growing me outside my comfort zone." - Susan Bruch, YourStyleUnzipped

  • "I love the Bootcamp. It's a community, it's an ecosystem. Exactly what they tell you and exactly what you are going to get. An immersive experience with lots of mentors from different fields that are going to sit you down and work through exactly what you are doing with your company and where your direction should be. And just getting you where you are trying to go with complete catered attention to you." - Ivanna Eusebe, GlobalTable

  • "It's been an eye opener. I was able to get my Go-to-Market right." - Connor Hughes, Utillix

  • "It was very exciting and challenging. Being able to answer the hard questions and improving my pitch deck. The introductions to the people and the mentors who attended the program." - Erin Bogdan, Thera

  • "Bootcamp is amazing! You get clear about your pitch and on how to get better. They move you from all over the world to be very focused. Great connections, great people!" - Leo Pimentel, VuMe

Funding Information

  • Takes up to 0.0% equity
  • Accepts 10 companies


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