BOOST x Kosovo - The Kosovo Green Challenge: NextGen

Oct 1 - Jun 9 | Pristina
Reimagining our future through innovation!

About this Program

Kosovo is already grappling with the far-reaching consequences of the triple planetary crisis, encompassing climate change, environmental degradation, and biodiversity loss. Rising temperatures, altered precipitation patterns, and a heightened risk of forest fires, droughts, flooding and crop damage are already impacting the region. Recent events like heatwaves, forest fires, and floods have disrupted ecosystems, agriculture, and socio-economic stability. Urgent action is needed to transition to sustainable practices.
UNDP Kosovo is launching the second edition of the Kosovo Green Challenge to support a green and digital transition. We invite resilient micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to apply with innovative solutions to environmental, economic, social, and health challenges. Up to 30 MSMEs with strong potential for environmental sustainability will join the BOOST x Kosovo acceleration program. It focuses on sustainable business models, risk management, and disaster resilience, with a special emphasis on women-led MSMEs and those creating jobs.

At the program's end, 10 MSMEs will receive grants totalling 70,000 EUR (with 20% co-financing). This initiative aims to accelerate Kosovo's green recovery and create a resilient and competitive future.

Funding Information

  • Accepts 30 companies