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BeUnicorn Startup Camp. Batch one.

Feb 19 - Feb 23 | San Francisco, CA, US
An ultimate design guide for early stage companies

About this Program

The first batch of a 5-days Camp for early-stage companies with a deep focus on design.

No lectures. No bullshit. No American-style NLP and stories about success. Only practical tips&tricks that just work. Students learn how to build best-in-class products using 25+ tools for bootstrapping, save hundreds thousand dollars on production, and make a great PR coverage without expensive agencies.

From founders to founders: top tutors and experts who launched successful products.

Get must-have skills and numerous life hacks for IT entrepreneur in five days. No ranters.

Program 🕹

Day 1. Meeting.
A long pitch about our journey in Hello Baby and previous companies, fails and wins, approach, US market, legal and business nuances, life hacks. Students pitch their projects.

Day 2. Product concept and MVP.
Here we make a focus on your product, make it clear, simplifying onboarding and user journey. We give you a direction how to pivot product, if necessary. We review your stats, references, competitors, make research, customer development and find a grow points. All with a deep focus on design, UI and UX. Need tech advice? No worries, our CTO will help you.

Day 3. Product look and feel.
Now you need to pack your product for customers. Naming, landing page, identity, illustrations, copywrite, social accounts, video explainer, ASO. Our illustrator, designer and art director help you to make a stunning package of the company.

Day 4. Marketing, PR and BizDev.
We’ll show you how to effectively promote product on social networks, make integrations with brands, get top celebrity on board, launch on Product Hunt, launch micro marketing campaign on FB, prepare an engaging press release and manually reach thousands of journalists to make a PR boost.

Day 5. Investor relations.
Polishing your presentation and pitch for investors. Your pitch deck will be redesigned from scratch. We help you with a graphic part. Also, we’ll review your financial model to make your plans realistic. And finally, we’ll show how to effectively reach hundreds of investors in a few weeks with simple tools and catch their attention.

Bonus: for each company, we make 2 intros to any chosen people from our circle: VCs, business angels, enterprise.

Demo Day 🔥
Show what you've done! Cocktail party with prominent entrepreneurs, investors, business angels and directors of incubators.

Bonus: rooftop dinner — relax and hangout at our place in SF.

No equity, just a fair price for mentors' time: $3,000/company.
Just as 500 cups of ☕️, or 250 magic 🍄

Funding Information

  • Takes up to 0.0% equity
  • Accepts 5 companies


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