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Bend Outdoor Worx Cohort #7 application

Feb 1 - Jun 1 | Bend, Oregon, USA
The county's first outdoor product accelerator

About this Program

We're dreamers, radicals, achievers, believers and vanguards with a shared belief and a common goal.

We're an independent organization with independent spirit - and we love the outdoors. We embrace the unpredictable nature and the grit it takes to navigate the hurdles and obstacles in our industry. In fact, we enjoy it. We're fearless, but we value vulnerability. We encourage risk, but we support solid strategy. We're not even remotely interested in the status quo.

We're interested in lending our expertise, our stories and our respect for the crazy-but-we-love-it volatility of the outdoor industry to help our companies adapt, adjust and achieve.


Funding Information

  • Takes up to 7.0% equity
  • Accepts 4 companies


Business Products, Business Services, Consumer Products, Internet / Web Services, Lifestyle + 1 more