AIM GovTech Accelerator

Sep 30 - Apr 2 | Yerevan, Armenia
Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals through innovative GovTech solutions.

About this Program

New emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, can be leveraged to increase the transparency, efficiency, and accountability of governmental services including healthcare, education, justice, fintech, cybersecurity, and many others. AIM GovTech will capitalize on these technological advances by engaging tech startups in the development of innovative GovTech solutions, promoting collaboration between private and public sectors.

AIM GovTech is designed for startups who want to transform government operation systems, improve the provision of public services, increase citizen engagement, advance the Sustainable Development Goals, and help achieve government efficiency, transparency and accountability. We are accepting startups in both the idea stage, as well as startups that have proven and scalable business models.

AIM GovTech has two programs: (1) an incubator designed for individuals or teams that have a groundbreaking idea to solve GovTech problems, and (2) an accelerator that supports startups with working and scalable business models that are capable of execution and technological excellence. Startups applying to either program should have an innovative GovTech solution, a clear business case, a mission targeting at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and is relevant for implementation in other developing countries.


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