AI Digital Biology - Dec 2023

Dec 11 | San Diego, CA, USA
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About this Program

Are you ready to supercharge your innovative startup in the cutting-edge fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)? Don't miss this golden opportunity to bring your vision to life!

Why Pitch?

Gain valuable insights and feedback from seasoned investors
Forge strategic partnerships and connections
Secure vital funding for your pioneering project
Elevate your startup to the next level

Who Should Pitch?

If you're at the forefront of innovation in AI, ML, or related fields, we invite you to showcase your company. Whether you're a startup founder, a tech maverick, or an industry disruptor, this is your moment to captivate investors with your vision.

Including, but not limited to: digital biology, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, deep learning, generative adversarial networks, recommender systems, autonomous systems, heathcare and medical, climate and environmental, robotics.


1. Start your application here.
2. You will be provided a link to pay your application fee ($35).
***Application fee must be paid before applications will be reviewed***
3. Complete and submit your application before 11/19/2023.
4. Review committee will select the top 5 finalists to pitch in front of a live audience and investor panel on 12/11/2023 during the AI Digital Biology - AIDBio conference at the Aquillius Innovation Hub!


Aerospace, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Cars, Biotechnology +16 more