Apr 9 - Sep 21 | Atlanta, GA, US
Solving Diversity and Inclusion One Ecosystem at a Time

About this Program

Bantunium Labs is designed to educate, assist, and propel the growth of disadvantaged founders. We focus on a wide array of industry types that allow us to assist many companies from a handmade beauty products business to a revolutionary technical innovation company. All of our verticals include technology.

We partner with community leaders and subject matter professionals to bring you a wealth of knowledge so that you are prepared for what entrepreneurship has to offer. Our goal is to close the gap of diversity and inclusion initiatives by turning out experienced companies that change lives.

The Advisory program is designed to assist later stage founders with fundraising. We assist the company with network connections and other fundraising opportunities to make sure they have the funding needed to run their company. The program is actually ongoing so founders can join the program and stay as long as they like for assistance.

Funding, supported by Bantunium Ventures, LLC may or may not be given to companies that do not meet certain criteria or if the Founder does not wish to receive funding. The program will still assist in obtaining funding from other sources.

Funding Information

  • Accepts 20 companies


Business Services, Clean Technology, Consulting, Consumer Services, Digital Marketing + 2 more