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Oct 1 - Dec 31 | Valbonne, France

The sky is not the limit !

About this Program

The bootstrap is THE PLACE TO BE to foster entrepreneurial ideas!
Mentors will challenge you and make sure you will find the right way to leverage your business opportunities. You will find out how to design a solid value proposition and produce and deliver it profitably through the right business model !

Monday – Day 1:
1. 14.00-14.30: Kick-off and introduction of the bootstrap
2. 14.30-15.15: Testimonial from an entrepreneur
3. 15.30-16.30: Pitch your entrepreneurial idea
4. 16-30-17.00: Defining the value proposition
5. 17.00-18.30: Practice and coaching
Deliverables: first draft of the Minimum Value Product

Entrepreneurial Dinner with testimonials from entrepreneurs

Tuesday – Day 2:
1. 8.30-9.30: Pitches of the value proposition
2. 9.30-10.15: Introduction of the Business Model Canvas
3. 10.30-12.30: Practice and coaching
4. 14.00-14.45: Testimonial from an entrepreneur
5. 14.45-16.00: Practice and coaching (cont.)
6. 16.00-18.30: Peer-to-peer presentation and coaching
Deliverables: fine-tuned business model and insights from peers

Wednesday – Day 3:
1. 8.30: Welcome of jury members
2. 9.00-11.30: Final pitch in from of jury
3. 11.30-12.15: Feed-back from jury
4. 12.15-12.45: Wrap-up and seminar conclusion
5. 12.45-14.00: Farewell cocktail

Jury members: Academics, investors, entrepreneurs

Coaching methods:
The Bootstrap will emphasize iterative construction of the different steps of the business plan with daily pitches and feedbacks from professionals as well as peer trainees.
Action learning will structure the training in order to leverage cross-fertilization between participants.
Testimonials from entrepreneurs will also enable experience sharing on the entrepreneur’s curriculum.
Coaching will be made either in French or English.

Date: 25 November 2 pm to 27 November 2 pm. 2019
Venue: SKEMA Business School. 60 rue Dostoievski. 06902 Sophia Antipolis.


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