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360 Lab Accelerator - Batch 1

Aug 19 - Aug 13 | Graz, Austria
Unicorn Material? Gain knowledge. Get funding. Develop your network. Grow!

About this Program

EUR 100k Funding - Access to Markets & Customers - 1:1 Mentoring - VC Network

Intensive 3-stage Accelerator, designed to help Start-Ups create high Growth, scale Operations to several EU & US Markets and work with the worlds leading Investors in Silicon Valley

Phase I, Graz, 4-months - the Objective is to figure out what your Customers really want and how to sell it to them (Product-Market-Fit). To get real-world Feedback for your MVP we use a network of 10 mln. Users in 47 Countries. At Demo Day, you present your progress to Investors.

Phase II, 4-months - At this Stage, there is no structured Program and no Location. To reach the next Milestone, you close the funding required to enter US Markets quickly. We also have a Venture Fund ourselves, so we might participate in or even lead this Round. After you´ve prepared your Business for further Growth in new Markets, you´re about to go global!

Phase III, Silicon Valley, 4-months - you enter US Markets out of your Office in Silicon Valley. The program in this final Phase is less structured, yet we work with you intensively in order to gain as much Traction as possible, before we use the final Weeks to get you in front of some of the world´s leading VC´s. As you manage to get their Support, there is a good chance you´ll be the First to make, define and shape your Market.

We would love to support you on this Journey!
(Please apply in ENGLISH)

Funding Information

  • Funds up to €100k per team
  • Takes up to 8.0% equity
  • Accepts 5 companies


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