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305ELab Miami June 2018

Jun 4 - Jun 29 | Miami, FL, US
Accelerate now! Join our workshops, pitch sessions, and annual accelerator to help your startup to grow and scale.

About this Program

This 4-week accelerator program is designed to help entrepreneurs focus their time on the critical elements of an early-stage startup. We utilize the business model canvas as a basis for designing the curriculum. This allows us to review your business model in depth and hone in on key areas of relevance unique to your startup. In doing so, we are able to help you develop a plan to strengthen your foundation and provide you with the best mentors and advisors suited for your needs.

In addition, the program includes leadership and organizational culture training. Both are critical in today’s world to ensure success and sustainability. Topics will include, but are not limited to, issues around legal consideration, diversity, leadership by example, and understanding your leadership team.

Another component of the program reviews key operational areas such as finance, operations, sales, marketing and legalities. Based on your team’s knowledge or skill gaps in some or all of these areas, you may require additional support after the module. As such, we have vetted a group of expert advisors in each area that will be available to work with you on specific questions unique to your startup (Additional fees will be required for work with advisors that goes beyond the basic educational sessions.).

The program also includes weekly pitch practice, networking and more pitch practice. Entrepreneurs are constantly selling their business idea, looking for resources, finding employees and seeking funding. Being able to learn how to refine your pitch, adapt it to each audience or situation, and make the right first impression is critical. Teams will get feedback from mentors, advisors and investors to help them develop the best pitching skills suited for their needs.


Business Products, Business Services, Clean Technology, Computers and Peripherals, Construction + 25 more