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Wharton Alumni Angels (Europe) WHAM and WAAN

Angel Group · 31 Members · London, United Kingdom
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About this Program

Wharton Alumni across Europe operate two different networks supporting entrepreneurs. WHAM is a mentoring group while WAAN is a network of angel investors.

Our Investment Focus

Wharton Alumni Mentors (WHAM) is a mentoring group that offers two months of strategic advice, (generally one hour per week).  The Wharton Alumni Angel Network (WAAN), is a network of angel investors, connects entrepreneurs and early stage investors.

Both programs utilise Gust in order to ensure consistency of information and data management.

Both WHAM and WAAN welcome submissions sponsored by other angel groups; in the case of companies looking for funding, WAAN aims to support the sponsoring network, which would continue to lead the investment process.

Typical Company Characteristics


We require all applicants for either WHAM or WAAN to demonstrate a focus on ethical and sustainable standards.

We generally look for startups that are tech-enabled; scalable with a large addressable market; and with an MVP (and favour projects that are already generating revenues).

WAAN (but not WHAM) requires a Penn or Wharton connection; however, this is broadly defined to include founders, board members, investors, advocates or having been a past WHAM mentee.


Application Process

If you are applying for WHAM, click the Apply for Funding button above, and fill out the profile as best you can and identify yourself by putting the word "WHAM" after the name of your company (can be changed later) and use the "Other" selection in the Funding Round section of the application.  Also, where relevant indicate your referral (e.g. another angel club or an accelerator). If there are other required sections that are not relevant in your case, please respond "NA - WHAM".  Note:  there is no obligation for WHAM mentees to subsequently apply to be considered for a WAAN pitch event.

WAAN (which is managed by the UK club, but is open to all European Wharton alumni angels as well as selected other networks) follows a regular investment process and qualification. If you are applying to participate in a pitch event, click the Apply for Funding button, and make sure you fill in as much information as detailed in the questions (including a financial plan); the more detail the more likely you are to get through our screening process.   Note: there is no obligation to go through a mentoring process prior to applying for funding, however in our experience many projects can benefit from some strategic or operational mentoring before moving to the investment phase.