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Vestor Business Angel Netværk

Angel Group · 42 Members · Aarhus, Denmark · EBAN
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About this Program

Business Angel Network based in Aarhus, Denmark - submit your case here!

Our Investment Focus

Welcome to Vestor Business Angel Netværk!

We connect investors and Danish companies who are looking for investments. Our network is based in Midtjylland in Denmark and consists of 30 investor members. Our common objective is to invest in growing companies. We conduct around 6 meetings in a year, where over 25-30 companies present their cases. We work continuously on screening investment opportunities and regularly have individual meetings with these companies.
In order to ensure an effective process for both companies and investors, we use online tool Gust. Gust is a trusted platform for accredited investors worldwide.  

If you want to present your case, please click on "Update Application" and fill in the details about your company. You can also attach relevant documents and make a video and / or PDF presentation on your business story. You may at any point edit your applications. Once you have submitted your application we shall quickly review and decide whether your company fits in our investment objectives. If yes, we shall share your case with our investor members and may invite you to present your case at one of our membership meetings.  

If you have any questions about the process or network, please contact: Frederik Ploug Søgaard, Keystones, tlf. 2823 1523,   

We look forward to hear from you!  

Warm regards,

Vestor Business Angel Netværk

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