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SeaAhead’s Blue Angel Investment Group

Angel Group · 91 Members · Boston, MA, USA
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About this Program

SeaAhead is a bluetech startup platform, founded in Boston. The Blue Angels is our investment group, which syndicates deals in ocean-related innovation.

Our Investment Focus

We invest in early-stage bluetech companies seeking seed to Series Afunding. The companies we invest in are developing new ocean-related technologies and business model innovations. Our group prioritizes profit-driven opportunities, but the companies that receive funding will also have positive environmental outcomes, which may include climate change mitigation, reducing the impact of aquaculture, reductions in overfishing or water quality improvements. 

Our interest areas include technology innovations for aquaculture ports, shipping, coastal resilience, offshore renewable energy, plastics avoidance/replacement, fisheries and ocean-centric approaches to climate change mitigation.

Industries of Interest

  • Aquaculture

  • Coastal Interface with Agriculture

  • Cleantech to Ports & Shipping

  • Digital Maritime - Logistics

  • Combating Ocean Plastics

  • AUV/ASV and Maritime AI

  • Technology-to-Sea:  IoT, Data Analytics, AR//VR

  • Coastal Resiliency

Membership Requirement

The Blue Angels require that the all selected companies join SeaAhead's Startup Membership Program. This network plugs you into the rapidly expanding bluetech sector and provides tailored mentorship, a multitude of resources, and publicity. For more information regarding program benefits visit


CoLoadX Corporation


Preferred Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Clean Technology
  • Industrial/Energy
  • Marine
  • Maritime/Shipping
  • Robotics
  • Transportation