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Venture Fund · 2 Members · Columbus, OH, US

About this Program

Rev1 is a seed-stage venture development organization that combines investment capital and strategic services to help entrepreneurs build great companies.

Our Investment Focus

As champions for entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges of raising capital.

As investors, we recognize the inherent risk in startup companies.

That’s why our investment process begins long before a company is ready to pitch a business plan.

We know what investors are looking for in high growth businesses. Our Venture Advisory team and customer connections help make your company ready to compete.

Our venture advisory teams guide companies through our data-driven venture acceleration model, matching critical company milestones to capital requirements. Our investment philosophy emphasizes customer identification, validation, and revenues.

With a continuum of investment capital that extends from seed to concept stage and beyond, we are often the first money in.

As our clients gain traction, we are expert at syndicating with angel groups and other investors to lead larger rounds.

Preferred Locations

  • Ohio, US