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Rainforest Recognitions: The Innovation Ecosystem Awards
To be announced at the Global Innovations Summit + Week in Silicon Valley being held from 17-21 February, 2014.

We are crafting the world’s first annual awards in recognition of organizations that excel at enabling innovation ecosystems through their method of operation. Rather than a simple “Best Of” list, where one focuses just on the business itself, we are looking at what the business does to grow more businesses around it. It is an ecosystem approach to economic growth and value creation. It seeks to reward those entities that create multiplier effects within their ecosystems. It is the Rainforest in action.

There will be four categories of awardees:

1. Rainforest Enterprise (single bottom line): These may have incidental impact, but were not consciously designed for impact.

2. Rainforest Impact (double bottom line): These are marked by intentional impact; consciously designed for impact and profit potential, and operated consistent with that design. They may create significant economic value that does not necessarily have to be captured within the business model.

3. Rainforest Non-Profit/NGO: Non-profit methods, including NGO’s, universities, and others.

4. Rainforest Unexpected: New models we haven’t anticipated, not captured in the above categories, in the best traditions of the Rainforest.

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