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About this Program

The NJIT-Highlander Angel Network is a group of accredited investors, seeking to invest / syndicate innovative STEM ventures for their growth and development.

Our Investment Focus

The ideal investment for the Highlander Angel Network is an early stage venture that has an innovative or STEM product or service, ready for market, having some revenue or demonstrates some market traction.  The venture need not be profitable.

We expect the use of our funds is in the growth and development of the venture thru infrastructure buildout or enhancing marketing and sales.

We tend to avoid unapproved products in highly regulated industries (e.g. medical devices, drug development or nutraceuticals), those that might pose a risk to life (e.g. baby toys) or those that cannot easily be scaled (e.g. professional services).

In addition to our member network we have connections with other networks, investors in the Tri-State area to refer deals or to syndicate large investments. 

We are located on the campus of The New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ.  (www.NJIT.edu)

NJIT-HAN can be contacted through GUST for ventures that have complete, accurate and current GUST profiles.

NJIT - Highlander Angel Network: njithan@gmail.com

Preferred Locations

  • United States