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About this Program

New World Angels is a group of executives and professionals from across Florida who collaborate to provide entrepreneurs with funding, knowledge and guidance.

Our Investment Focus

New World Angels invests in early-stage companies from any industry, usually with some form of Florida nexus, and who are seeking their first or second major outside investment. The companies we invest in typically have some technology component, but more importantly have some form of high growth potential and sustainable competitive advantage. We make investments ranging from $250K through $2 Million. We can lead larger investment rounds in syndication with other investment firms. We focus on companies with pre-money valuations under $20MM. We are looking for entrepreneurs from interesting and diverse backgrounds and cultures. We seek entrepreneurs with products, technologies, and teams that can profitably create real impact for their customers and across our society.

Our path to funding typically requires 90 days, however that could extend further based on numerous factors. Here is what you can expect from us.

  1. Review of Submitted Gust Applications. New World Angels reviews all submitted funding applications once monthly on the third Monday of each month.  For consideration in that review, your Gust application must be complete and submitted to Gust by the prior Thursday (by end of day; 12 Midnight EST).

  2. Live Pitch (to the New World Screening Committee). New World Angels selects six founders each month to present before our screening committee. The presentation may be done in person or online. Ten minutes are allocated for the presentation. Ten minutes are allocated for Q&A. The screening pitch occurs on the fourth Monday of each month.

  3. Live Pitch (to the New World General Membership). New World Angels  selects three companies from the screening Live Pitch for presentation before New World’s full membership. The presentation may be done in person at one of our Florida state-wide meeting sites, or online. The New World general membership then privately discusses your Live Pitch. Any company able to garner three due diligence sponsors within the New World membership is advanced to initial due diligence. 

  4. Initial Due Diligence.  Once a New World Angels due diligence team is formed, a brief, lightweight due diligence analysis is initiated. Its objective is to assess the merits of proceeding to a provisional term sheet. It will require creation of an online data room from which you share documents.

  5. Provisional Term Sheet.  Given acceptable outcomes from initial due diligence, NWA provides a term sheet. It will be contingent on a deeper due diligence analysis. A more rigorous due diligence is commenced followed by discussion and negotiation of final specific investment terms.

The likelihood of your company receiving New World Angels funding is greatly enhanced by providing clarity and understanding in the following areas.

  1. Impact. Your impact (value) to customers and markets. How will your product or service be transformative to your world?

  2. Stage. Your product or service readiness. Is it in the lab, under development or test, or is it in-market and growth scaling? What’s the near-term roadmap for your product? 

  3. Market and competition. The size of your total addressable market of possible customers, measured in revenue. Who is providing that market now and what will be your competitive advantage?  Is that advantage sustainable either through patents or other means? What makes your product unique and sustainable?

  4. Business Model and Revenue Plan.  Your revenue past and future?  A clear understanding of the pricing and profit / unit economics behind your products and services. What is the business plan to achieve the assumptions in this model, including the go-to-market assumptions?

  5. Team. Who is your team? How is it aligned to your products and markets? What is their level of commitment to the endeavor (full time, part time, advisory)?

  6. Investment Impact. What is your funding requirement (amount)? What will it be used for and to what milestones?

  7. Investor Returns. Why should New World consider this investment numerically attractive (considering both valuation and strategy for exit)?

  8. Florida Nexus. New World Angels does consider the impact of its investments on the diverse communities and cultures across Florida. What should we know about your Florida impact?

Documentation Important To Our Analysis

We hear from many prospective companies and we believe that your documentation can lead to a higher degree of funding success. Here are the key documents in order of priority that we use to assess your company: a short executive summary, an investor presentation, and a written business plan. The written business plan is optional but can be helpful in our understanding companies with more complicated technologies, markets, and business models. In your work products we value completeness along with brevity, clarity, honesty, and openness. 


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Bioceptive, Inc.

Medical Devices and Equipment


Internet / Web Services

TAO Connect

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Medical Devices and Equipment

Switchboard Live Inc.

Internet / Web Services

Streann Media

Media and Entertainment

Preferred Industries

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Biotechnology
  • Business Products
  • Business Services
  • Clean Technology
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Consumer Products
  • Digital Marketing
  • Education
  • Electronics / Instrumentation
  • Fashion
  • Financial Services
  • Fintech
  • Food and Beverage
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare Services
  • Industrial/Energy
  • Internet / Web Services
  • IT Services
  • Lifestyle
  • Marine
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Medical Devices and Equipment
  • Mobile
  • Nanotechnology
  • Networking and Equipment
  • Other
  • Retailing / Distribution
  • Robotics
  • Security
  • Semiconductors
  • Software
  • Sports
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Travel

Preferred Locations

  • Florida, USA