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Angel Group · 2 Members · Richmond, VA, US · ACA

About this Program

NRV is an early stage venture investment firm located in Richmond, VA. We invest in high growth companies led by exceptional teams with world-changing ideas.

Our Investment Focus

NRV is an early stage growth venture investment firm located in Richmond, VA. We embrace high growth companies led by exceptional teams. We invest in big ideas that capitalize on societal mega-trends.....that might even change the world. We use the following criteria to assess our investments:

Team: Experienced and transformative entrepreneurial teams who are experts in their fields.
Technology: Product or service that disintermediates the status quo and becomes entrenched.
Traction: Quantitative evidence that the market will commit to the venture and its product or service. 
Profitability: Highly attractive, proven margins on a per unit basis at scale.
Scalability: National/global network effect through platform extension.
Exitability: High likelihood of future monetization events.
Societal Mega-Trends: Products and services that satisfy growing demands for healthy lifestyles, healthcare innovation, sustainable energies, and the democratization of old-line industries through technology.

Stage of Investment:
We typically make our first investment at the Series A round, reserving follow-on capital for future rounds of financing. We will occasionally make earlier or later stage investments for the right company.

Where We Invest:
We lean toward investing in companies located in Virginia so that they can benefit from our counsel and connections.

Preferred Industries

  • Education
  • Fintech
  • Food and Beverage
  • Healthcare Services
  • Other

Preferred Locations

  • Virginia, US