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Venture Fund · 12 Members · Boston, MA, USA · NASVF

Our Investment Focus

MTDC's investment staff reviews each application for venture capital. No formal application is necessary, but the presentation of a comprehensive, written business plan is required. The process includes an in-depth review of the business plan, meetings between company and MTDC management, and preparation of a detailed investment report for review by the MTDC Board of Directors.

MTDC makes venture capital investments in companies with the following characteristics:

* The company must be located in, or agree to locate in, Massachusetts.
* The company's business must be technology-based, and its principal products or services must be sufficiently innovative to provide a competitive advantage.
* The business expansion which MTDC's venture capital investment would help to finance must produce a significant growth in employment.
* The company must be able to show the prospect of a high rate of return on MTDC's venture capital investment.

How to Apply for Venture Capital
You must submit a comprehensive business plan. A thorough plan facilitates the investment process.
The plan should address the following areas:
* Characteristics and proprietary position of the company's products or services;
* Present and future markets for those products or services;
* Strategy for achieving and maintaining significant market share;
* Company's financial history (if applicable) and projections, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flows;
* Backgrounds, experience, and financial commitments of principals and key managers;
* Statement of the amount, timing and projected use of the venture capital required; and
* Statement of the projected growth in employment, or other positive economic impacts, which an MTDC venture capital investment would facilitate.

Preferred Industries

  • Biotechnology
  • Clean Technology
  • Medical Devices and Equipment