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Accelerate Venture Partners

Angel Group · 8 Members · Wichita, KS, USA · NASVF
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About this Program

We are a network of accredited investors, family offices, and venture funds investing in high-growth seed and early-stage companies in Wichita and the Midwest.

Our Investment Focus

We are looking for investments in high-growth seed and early-stage technology companies with the potential to rapidly scale into market leadership resulting in a sustainable competitive advantage. Typical criteria include:

  • A market opportunity large enough to create a business with at least $30 million in annual revenue

  • Disruptive or new-market innovation

  • A compelling, well-articulated strategy for capturing and defending a significant market share

  • Proprietary technology or other strong barrier to entry

  • A strong management team with relevant and successful experience

  • An exit strategy for investors

Preferred Industries

  • Biotechnology
  • Business Products
  • Clean Technology
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Consumer Products
  • Digital Marketing
  • Education
  • Electronics / Instrumentation
  • Financial Services
  • Fintech
  • Food and Beverage
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare Services
  • Industrial/Energy
  • Internet / Web Services
  • IT Services
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Medical Devices and Equipment
  • Mobile
  • Nanotechnology
  • Networking and Equipment
  • Other
  • Retailing / Distribution
  • Robotics
  • Semiconductors
  • Software
  • Sports
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel

Preferred Locations

  • Iowa, USA
  • Kansas, USA
  • Missouri, USA
  • Oklahoma, USA
  • Colorado, USA
  • Nebraska, USA