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L Marks

Angel Group · 2 Members · London, United Kingdom
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About this Program

L Marks are a startup investor, corporate innovation expert and run accelerator programmes. We connect startups with big corporates across various industries.

Our Investment Focus

  • Startup investment, acceleration & corporate innovation

    We bridge the gap between the startup and corporate worlds.  

    Founded by tech entrepreneur Stuart Marks, L Marks are a startup & tech investment fund specialising in corporate innovation. Working with some of  the UK’s biggest brands, such as John Lewis, DPD and William Hill. L Marks run startup accelerator programmes across industry sectors enabling corporate innovation, as well as investing in startups and connecting startups with big corporates. 

    Fostering a tailored approach for each of our corporate partners, we work closely with them to develop a customised programme, identifying the most promising startups that fit their culture and prerequisite requirements. This gives them access to innovative ideas, fresh approaches and unique talent.

    For startups, we provide them with the opportunity to pitch to big corporates, gain early stage investment, get access to our corporate partners expertise and resources, and the potential to become partners themselves through further investment and/or product placement, tech integration or corporate partnerships.



    We invest money & time in promising startups to help them grow



  • We connect large corporates with innovative startups

Preferred Locations

  • Manchester, UK
  • New York, NY, USA
  • Columbus, OH, USA
  • London, UK