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Impact Invest Scandinavia

Angel Group · 45 Members · Stockholm, Sweden
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About this Program

Impact Invest is an intermediary connecting companies with VCs and business angels. Companies we support have impact at the heart of their business idea.

Our Investment Focus

Companies must have commercial clients, a team in place and annual turnover of at least €0.3M We help raise any type of capital, e.g. debt and equity and hybrid instruments.

The ideal investment case is a company that will deliver more and deeper social and/or ecological impact as the business grows. It adds value for specific individuals or groups of people that are currently underserved, e.g. because they are low income earners, migratns or may be disregarded by other commercial actors for other reasons.
Renweable energy/clean tech companies of interest either bring proven technology to areas where the demand and need can be demonstrated, or with an innovative new solution that has been successfully piloted.

The impact must be clear and measured in same rigour as financial return.

When contacting us please submit a summary includign:

- The commercial opportunity
- The impact opportunity
- Description of the team
- Commercial references
- The capital you seek and what it will be used for


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Internet / Web Services

Preferred Locations

  • Iceland
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway