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Green Angel Syndicate

Angel Group · 6 Members · Edinburgh, United Kingdom · LINC
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About this Program

Green Angel Syndicate (GAS) offers unique specialist expertise in some of the most important investment sectors for the next decade.

Our Investment Focus

About GAS

The Green Angel Syndicate has been created by Colin Rogers and Nick Lyth to make investments in start-up and early stage technologies, processes and installations in the Green Economy.  The syndicate has a preference for opportunities within the energy sector, or the water sector, but green investments of all kinds will be considered.  Energy and water are two of the most demand inelastic sectors in the modern global economy.  We know we cannot live without water, and we think we cannot live without energy.  Yet both are under threat.  There will be commercially profitable and productive innovations in both sectors requiring investment throughout the coming decade.

Green Angel Syndicate has just reached its first anniversary.  GAS is already becoming known in the UK angel investment world, and is recognised as one of the only specialists that can speak with authority in its field.  GAS has been invited to speak at events related to energy and water investments, and provide advice and guidance.

The Team

GAS is led by Colin Rogers and Nick Lyth.  Nick brings the specialist knowledge and experience derived from ten years spent managing International Resources and Recycling Institute, which became an expert applied research institute in resource use innovation around Europe.  This provided – and continues to provide – a privileged insight into the technologies coming through that are available for commercialisation, as well as good contacts in the critical policy making field.  Colin, who chaired IRRI for five years, provides the entrepreneurial flair and access to the investor community.  Colin and Nick are strongly motivated by the wish to capitalise and see others capitalise on the opportunities coming through, and help them to make a difference to our environment.


Any High Net Worth Individual can become a Member of the Syndicate for an annual membership subscription of £100.  GAS currently numbers 35 active investors.  They are all unusual business angels.  The typical GAS investor is still fully occupied in doing whatever made him or her wealthy in the first place.  Consequently GAS has been able to move quickly in making its early investments.  It suits GAS to stay light on its feet.  The typical angel statistics, in terms of time taken to make investments, and length of investments, are both statistics GAS seeks to beat.  We want faster investments and quicker returns.  But then – so does everyone else.


GAS has made five investments to date, with a total invested of £3.1 million.  The investee companies include GT Energy ( ), introducing Geothermal energy to the UK; CPT ( ), developing innovative energy-saving technologies for the automotive sector; Libertine FPE ( ), working on applications of the free piston expander to increase engine efficiency in several different sectors.  All five are pre-revenue, but all are making good progress.  At this stage it is impossible to be sure of the increase in value achieved for the sums invested, but it would be safe to assume that all are growing.

The Future?

New investments?  New investors?  GAS is actively looking for both.

Preferred Industries

  • Clean Technology
  • Industrial/Energy

Preferred Locations

  • United Kingdom