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GAIN Technology Fund

Angel Fund · 2 Members · Spokane, WA, US
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About this Program

GAIN Technology Fund is a member-managed equity investment fund that invests in technology companies in the Inland Northwest - E. WA, N. ID, and W. MT.

Our Investment Focus

We invest in technology companies with strong intellectual property positions or barriers to entry.  We can invest as little as $100K or as much as $500K.  We can participate as part of a syndicate or lead investment rounds.  We will consider non-Inland Northwest investments on a select basis. 

Investment Criteria

Industry - We invest in a broad range of technology companies spanning many industries such as information technology, health sciences, manufacturing, communications, transportation and energy.  We seek out companies with strong intellectual property positions and other competitive advantages.

Geography - We focus on companies in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana. Special considerations are given to companies located in greater Spokane region or companies committed to relocating to Spokane for a minimum of 5 years following investment. We may selectively consider investments outside of our target geography as a co-investor.  

Stage - We invest in companies that have achieved customer validation. Companies at this stage would have found a sales channel that matches how the customer wants to buy and would understand the costs of using that channel.

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