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About this Program

FoundersPad is a venture capital fund and early-stage startup mentorship program delivering extensive support for our portfolio companies.

Our Investment Focus

Based in Bend, OR, FoundersPad is a venture capital fund and early-stage startup mentorship program working with the best and brightest entrepreneurs. FoundersPad delivers extensive support for our portfolio companies by matching them with a carefully curated team of expert mentors who are committed and incentivized to help them succeed. With FoundersPad you have deep access to highly qualified resources at a critical stage in your company’s life without using having to burn through precious cash.

We partner with companies and their founding teams much earlier in their maturation process when most other venture funds consider an investment as “too early” for them. We utilize a deep mentoring approach that spends substantial one-on-one time strategically focusing on taking your from Initial Product Release (IPR) to Minimum Viable Repeatability (MVR). We thrive at working with companies that may have an incomplete team or systems, an immature revenue plan or struggle with a product/market fit and have the confidence and resources to help your company build a sustainable high growth business.

We are extremely selective in our investments and mentorship because we commit a considerable amount of our most precious asset: our time. For many who are successful in the mentorship program, FoundersPad will invest capital and help with future fundraising efforts. We have an extensive network to help navigate this exciting growth stage. FoundersPad has both the expertise and capital to help you succeed.

FoundersPad companies typically have:

• A core founding team in place

• An Initial Product Release (IPR)

• A serious commitment to growth

• At least six months of runway

• Little to no professional capital invested and an expectation of pursuing future financing rounds

Please visit FoundersPad.com for more information about our program, mentors, and the successful companies we have worked with in the past.


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