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About this Program

We invest via our Investor Network and for a £1.5 million SEIS fintech fund. Apply by 15 Jan 2022 for both or by 31 Jan 2022 only for the fund investment.

Our Investment Focus

FINTECH Circle is Europe's 1st Angel Network focused on fintech investments. We connect the best fintech startups with fintech angel investors who are able to provide "smart capital" based on their expertise and networks.

Focus: Fintech only, defined as financial technology solutions across banking, insurance, investment management, cyber security, blockchain, private banking etc. This includes insurtech, regtech, legaltech, paytech, wealthtech...

Fintech businesses looking for funding up to £1Million. If you look for more funding, we will co-invest with other investors.

SEIS/EIS eligibility is a requirement in the UK.

Stage: Seed Stage to early revenue.

We bring together the best fintech investors and fintech entrepreneurs & invest via our FINTECH Circle Angel Investor Network and for a £1.5 million SEIS fintech fund allocation in Q1 2022.Apply by either 15 Jan 2022 for both opportunities or by 31 Jan 2022 only for the fund investment.

Pls visit our website (https://fintechcircle.com/funding-fintech-startups/) for more information on both the investor network and the fund where £1.5 million will be invested in the best fintech SEIS companies in Q1 2022 (up to £150K per SEIS startup). The Angel Investor network invests into both SEIS and EIS fintech firms with no upper limit.

Preferred Industries

  • Financial Services
  • Fintech

Preferred Locations

  • United Kingdom