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About this Program

Non-Profit Business Accelerator that does not take equity for exchange of business knowledge. 6 month - Precision Entrepreneurship program.

Our Investment Focus

E2 Pitch is a program co-organized by Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership at JFK University, Keiretsu Forum, and Chevron. The event will be on 10/18/2016 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm in Pleasant Hill, CA. Application deadline is 10/10/2016 . The criteria to apply is: (1) the company is 3 years or less in business and (2) applicant must be a principal in the company. For more information, contact Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership, John F. Kennedy University at 925-969-3525.

Precision Entrepreneurship™.  That’s what we are all about.

At The Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership (IEL), we customize our services to precisely deliver what entrepreneurs need, when they need it.  We help them achieve their goals.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur with a great idea or an experienced small business owner, choose what is right for you - small group, facilitated learning experiences; one-on-one mentorships; or resident and community programs where you work in our space.  We offer them all. We’ll work together to create, build and grow your business.

We have been working with the CEOs and entrepreneurs who run startups and growth businesses since 2011.  Most of the over 200 IEL Entrepreneurs went on to create or grow a business venture, generating nearly $1.7 billion in revenues and employing over 4000 people in 2015.   

The bottom line… We empower passionate entrepreneurs to achieve exceptional results! Precisely!