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Citrix Startup Accelerator

Venture Fund · 21 Members · Santa Clara, CA, USA


Citrix Startup Accelerator is an early stage corporate investor, focused on the future of work and transformative enterprise infrastructure.

Our Investment Focus

We have two programs, both designed to enable innovation in emerging areas on the periphery of Citrix markets. The Seed program is a 12-18 month collaboration, combined with a $250k investment, offices in Silicon Valley. The Innovators Program is a three month intensive market validation accelerator, run in various locations around the world, in collaboration with local partners.

For details on each, see below:

Seed Program

We invest in the commercialization of new approaches that reinvent the experience of work and underlying enterprise infrastructure. Our companies leverage new technologies and trends to transform value and competitive frameworks. Our companies drive real outcomes; reduced cost, improved efficiency, or increases in revenue.

2015 Themes: Enterprise Infrastructure Transformation and The Re-invention of Work

Company stage: Our investments are a $250,000 convertible note; generally as part of a seed/angel stage round of between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000. In most cases this follows a small seed (friends and family) round and precedes an institutional A-round.

Company characteristics: Our investments have a realistic chance to disrupt their target industry, and to become a “10x” or high growth company. They have the right team for the job, with startup and enterprise business experience and deep technological expertise. In many cases, they are solving a deep technological problem, so have a strong IP defense. In others, they bring deep insights into the market. In both cases, they must be able to show us near term customers with a burning need, and a growing longer-term vision. We particularly like companies that are based in Silicon Valley, or have a commitment to moving here, but this is not critical. We invest where companies are not directly competitive with Citrix, and where if the vision is successful, we would see a longer term impact on customers and markets that Citrix touches.

Citrix interest: Citrix is competing in a range of fast moving areas. By working closely with market driven startups, and helping them to succeed as independent companies, we are able to derive actionable insights into the market. We are also able to influence our product teams, toward ‘thinking like a startup’. In most cases, Citrix does not participate in future funding rounds. Where it does occur, it is driven by the Citrix strategic investment team, and occurs when a Citrix Product Group has a strong interest in closely aligning with that company. Our investments are expected to drive a significant return.

Innovators Program

Our signature 12-week Innovator’s Program embraces core principles of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Modern Leadership to enable both early-stage startups and corporate product development teams to rapidly test and validate their ideas in the market with real customers.  

After delivering successful programs in Santa ClaraRaleigh and Bangalore in 2014, the Innovator’s Program is scaling to new geographies globally in 2015 and beyond.


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