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Cambridge Angels

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  • Biotechnology, Clean Technology, Computers and Peripherals, Electronics / Instrumentation, Internet / Web Services, IT Services, Medical Devices and Equipment, Mobile, Networking and Equipment, Semiconductors, Software, Telecommunications

Our Investment Focus

The Cambridge Angels are a group of high-net worth investors who have proven experience as successful entrepreneurs in technology and bio-technology. Members invest in and mentor high quality start-up and early-stage companies in these sectors, mostly in the Cambridge (UK) area, although we are also interested in investment opportunities elsewhere in the south of England.

Typical funding requirements that the Cambridge Angels meet are in the range of £50,000 to £500,000 - although it is worth noting that several of our portfolio companies have received more than £1m in funding from our Members over several funding rounds.


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Cambridge Temperature Concepts Limited

Medical Devices and Equipment
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ionscope limited

Electronics / Instrumentation
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Consumer Products
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Short Fuze - 2009 Round

Internet / Web Services
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Phonetic Arts Ltd

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Ionscope-2007 Angel Round

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Microloan Foundation

Financial Services