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Welcome to the Cambridge Angels' online dealflow management system.

While some fields are optional, we recommend you fill in as much information as you deem appropriate to the stage of development your company is at - so the more developed the company is, the more information we would expect to see. Obviously, the more information you provide the more robust our evaluation of your funding opportunity will be.

The one-pager is the most important document when we consider your application, so whilst we do not want you to 'wordsmith' your responses to each question, we would advise you to provide short answers to every question. Whilst historical financials are important to show your progress to date, future forecasts are less important to us, so feel free to ignore those if you wish.

Also, whilst you can record a short video pitch directly from the application, this is entirely optional. Please do not feel obliged to do this if it will be too time-consuming or not add much value to your written application.

We look forward to receiving your application.