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Bend Venture Conference BVC 2017 Social Impact

Business Plan Competition · 35 Members · Bend, OR, US
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About this Program

Angel conference track focused on for-profit companies that are having a significant and measurable impact on their communities and/or the environment.

Our Investment Focus



Launched in 2016, The Bend Venture Conference introduces the Social Impact Fund. This is an innovative fund that provides investors with the opportunity to invest capital in companies that are seeking to make a social or environmental impact through for-profit enterprise. In its inaugural year, the Social Impact track had three winners and invested over $300,000.

The Social Impact Fund is a separate and distinct track within the Bend Venture Conference (BVC). The BVC is the signature regional event for entrepreneurial activity in the Pacific Northwest.  The major objectives of this event are to provide education, exposure and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. The event attracts over 500 attendees many of whom come from beyond Central Oregon (40% of attendees come from outside the region). Last year was a sellout event with over 500 attendees and a record breaking investment of $3,918,000 making BVC the largest angel conference in the state.

BVC Social Impact Fund selects companies based on:
- For-profit enterprises aiming to generate significant long-term enterprise value and attractive returns on capital
- Companies must have a component of their core business that generates definitive and measurable social or environmental impact on their community, region, or industry.
- Companies do not need to be located in Oregon to apply or to win. 
- The winner could receive an investment of over $100,000.*

*Bend Venture Conference cannot guarantee that investments will be made in any specific amount because the final amounts to be awarded are dependent on investment commitments received from third party investors and the ability of the winning companies and the investors to agree on the terms and conditions of the investment.