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The National Business Angels Association

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BAN was established in April 2016 as the Norwegian umbrella organization for business angels – similar to NVCA for VCs/PE, and Gründerforeningen for entrepreneurs. Our members are typically regional membership-organizations of business angels. However, BAN may accept organizations that are not regionally defined as members as well. Individual business angels may be accepted as members, but this will normally be the case where there is no regional entity available. Each of these regional organizations are often referred to as a BAN, a business angel network.
BANN is the Norwegian chapter of NordicBAN, the Nordic-Baltic business angel association. We also have different types of relations with other BANs worldwide.


  • Oslo International Angels

  • BAN Tromsø

  • BAN Ofoten

  • BAN Helgeland

  • BAN Vest

  • BAN Trøndelag

  • Fintech Angels

What have we accomplished?

  • BAN was only established formally in April 2016, although the preparations for BAN has been going on since 2014

  • Key people in BAN have since 2014 been key in the political processes leading to matching funds for business angels becoming available from Innovation Norway- success!

  • Already in June 2016 BAN organized a pilot, Norwegian Angel Week 2016 with pitch days in Oslo, Tromsø and Narvik during one week. Over 60 business angels took part in the week on less than one week’s notice. BAN has evaluated the pilot and is now implementing the learnings in our further work

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  • Norway