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Angel Group · 389 Members · Austin, Texas, USA
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Our Investment Focus

BitAngels is seeking startups in the Bitcoin and the broader decentralized peer to peer digital assets eco-system.

We look for startups that have a solid team of more than 1 founder, have produced an minimum viable product to prove their concept, have a website, and are seeking Angel investment between 250 to 5,000 BTC.

Bonus points for being in one of our target segments of the Bitcoin eco-system: Colored Coins, Mass Adoption, Developing World, Exchange / Financial Services, ASIC Mining, Friendly Jurisdictions, and Wallets.

We invest in Bitcoin and calculate our returns in Bitcoins. The members of the group have an expectation of Bitcoins themselves providing a 10X return in the next 2 years. So the investment will have to return more than that in USD, in others more in BTC terms in order to be worth investing in.

Please no applications related to pornography, gambling, or drugs.


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Financial Services

Preferred Industries

  • Financial Services
  • Internet / Web Services
  • Software