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About this Program

AngelNet is a community of private equity investors where members can meet high-quality, diverse investment opportunities.

Our Investment Focus

About AngelNet

AngelNet was formed as a community of private equity investors where members can meet high-quality, diverse investment opportunities. The community is built through a variety of educational, social, and other get together activities. 

AngelNet’s goal is to build a nationwide network of capital and innovation. By interlocking relationships with partners and key resources it offers an environment for balanced mixing of ideas for the highest quality deal-flow and investment opportunities.


Membership in AngelNet is by invitation only and is extended to individuals who share our vision and will actively contribute to our process. AngelNet members are generally active or semi-retired successful hi-tech & business founders or executives. They all have and share an interest in investing in new ventures and high-risk startups. AngelNet works well because of the experienced nature of its membership. We expect that a deal that garners investment from the AngelNet group will get much more than money. It gets the involvement of a group of individuals whose networks and experience can be much more valuable than their seed capital. Typically, every company that receives investment from the AngelNet group also gets an AngelNet member to serve on the company's board.

Membership is by invitation only. If you would like to learn more about the group please email

Deal Criteria

The AngelNet group is primarily focused on seed stage (mostly) technology companies with strong teams and proprietary technology. We invest in the range of $300k to $500k, but will lead a syndication of up to $1M. Valuation depends on many things but it is unlikely for companies to successfully raise financing from the AngelNet at valuations greater than $4M.