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Angel Challenge

Angel Group · 51 Members · Oslo, Norway
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About this Program

Angel Challenge support investors to accelerate with startup investment, by creating programs and activities for investors and startups to meet and invest.

Our Investment Focus


Apply above as an investor or startup to take part in any of our activities
Go to our webpage www.angelchallenge.co for the latest updates on upcomming activities. 

  • Angel Challenge Programs
    Angel Challenge is a two month program for 20 investors to learn startup investing by doing it. 20 startups are invited to participate together with the investors. 1 Million NOK is invested in a startup by the end of each program.

  • Angel Challenge Alumni Network
    The alumni have access to all current Angel Challenge deal flow, investors, and events. By 2016 the alumni network exist of more than 100 investors. Become a member by attending a program, or qualified as an experienced angel investor.

  • Conferences and Events
    Together with our partners we create conferences and events to inspire the community and make startups and investors meet and discuss investments. 

Angel Challenge Mission Statement

To Engaging new Investors & Empowering more Startups

We believe that an active and visible investment community is a vital part of a strong startup ecosystem. By activating more angel investors, making the investments more visible, and making more startups investable, we aim to create a stronger startup scene and help lay the stepping stones for new successful entrepreneurial stories from the community.

About Angel Challenge AS
Angel Challenge AS is a private organisation and part of the Startup Norway Network. The network has initatiated several startup ecosystem initiatives in Norway, and have fasilitated more than 150 events since their start in 2012. With Angel Challenge we aim to accelerate Investors and Startups to help make more startup-investments happen. 


Preferred Locations

  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Iceland
  • Sweden
  • Finland