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Form a company optimized for growth


Easily file online for a new Delaware C-Corporation and EIN today and you’ll be up and running in as few as three days.* International EIN applications may take longer.

Post-Incorporation Setup

Set modern startup bylaws, appoint board members, and limit founder liability with a quick company formation process, developed by experts and entrepreneurs.

Foreign Qualification

Register your new Delaware C-Corporation through the platform to do business in your home state (additional fees apply)*. Additional fees include state-by-state filing and document fees and a handling charge.

Not sure if a Delaware C-Corporation is right for your startup?

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As a new founder, Emily found incorporation complex and emotional, and wasn’t prepared to go it alone - she needed a guide. See how incorporation transformed from a burden to a major milestone.

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Issue stock & manage company ownership

Stock Issuance

Issue stock to your team electronically, with customizable vesting schedules and IRS form 83(b) elections built-in.

Cap Table

Keep track of who owns what at a glance using built-in, robust cap table software that automatically tracks your equity grants.

Board Actions

Approve stock grants with built-in board actions. Board approvals and modifications are made simple with easy online signatures instead of phone calls and print-scan-print-scan cycles.

Business Banking

Business Banking

Open a business bank account

No Maintenance Fees or Minimums

Protect your personal liability by opening a bank account specifically for your company. We’ve partnered with , a leading financial services platform for startups, to make it easy to open an account online with no maintenance fees.

Open an Account Online in 10 Minutes

Get an account number, routing number, and virtual cards instantly upon approval—no branch visit required. With fully digital banking features and a mobile app, you’ll have access to hassle-free banking anytime, anywhere.

Rewards On All Card Spend

No fees on anything, just points on everything—like 8x on rideshare or 1.5x on ads.

Brex Cash offers FDIC insurance up to $250,000 through Brex Cash program banks.

Already have a bank you like? No problem! Gust Launch companies can easily open an account anywhere they choose.

No law degree required!

Our software explains every step clearly, automatically tailors documents to your needs, and answers questions before you have to ask.



Stay up-to-date with your company’s operations

Company Dashboard

Stay on top of every process and keep things moving with the status of all your workflows and relationships collected in one place.

Email Reminders

Take action from your inbox with notifications for required actions, deadlines, and important dates.

Auditable History

Automatically organize every contract executed through Launch in its proper context to tell the story of your company securely and reliably.

Trying to start your company, but overwhelmed with back-office tasks?

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We’re here to help!

Knowledgeable and friendly team members are here to help you make the best decisions for your startup and stay on track (or just offer moral support).

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Understand your financial health from day one

Key Financial Metrics

Simply record any business-related expenses or income and we’ll guide you through your burn rate, runway, and other key financial metrics.

Accountant-Ready Records

Easily organize all the financial information an accountant will need to do their job, keeping onboarding costs down when you're ready to work with a pro.

Tax Help

Save money on your taxes by deducting business-related expenses. We’ll make life easier by highlighting which costs are most likely eligible.



Save money on early infrastructure

$5K in AWS Activate Credits

With Amazon Web Services, you can access easy-to-use IT infrastructure including computing power, database storage, content delivery, and more. Some eligibility requirements apply.

30% off Typeform Professional and Premium annual plans

People-friendly forms and surveys that are great for customer discovery and outreach.

50% off Webflow team plans

Create professional, custom websites without needing to know how to use a single line of code.

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* Additional fees include state-by-state filing and document fees and a handling charge.

** Your firm from our legal directory will deduct one billed hour from your legal bill in any month for which you are a Gust Launch subscriber. This credit does not accrue.

*** Startup lawyers typically charge up to $2,500 before they begin work to make sure their new client is serious about moving forward. With Launch, you’re pre-approved, so this initial retainer fee is waived.