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Option Plan

Save thousands in legal fees

Equity Incentive Plan Creation

Seamlessly adopt a board approved Equity Incentive Plan (EIP) with built-in compliance checks. We’ll walk you through the process of establishing terms and allocating shares.

Option Grant

Track, manage, and issue employee stock options all in one place. Grant options and set vesting schedules in minutes with easy online signatures and board approvals.

Trusted Guidance

With built-in best practices and guardrails, you can feel confident you’re meeting compliance standards and your cap table is ready for investor due diligence.

Getting ready to raise professional investment or hire employees? Make sure you have an Equity Incentive Plan in place.

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Run investment and exit scenarios

Round Modeling

See the impact a future financing round may have on shareholder ownership with comprehensive round modeling built on your cap table data.

Waterfall Analysis

Evaluate the potential impact different exit scenarios will have on shareholder payout and clearly understand what might happen at a range of exit prices.



Receive audit-proof valuations

Defensible, Independent Valuations

We’ll guide you through the process of requesting a 409A valuation and getting board approval so you stay protected under Safe Harbor.

Audit Support

With records and e-signatures all in one place along with thorough 409A reports, audits are always stress-free.

Accredited Valuation Experts

Our trusted valuation experts from Preferred Return have issued over 4,000 409A AICPA-compliant reports that consistently endure Big 4 audit, SEC inquiry, and acquirer scrutiny.



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