Frequently Asked Questions

What is SendGrid?

SendGrid is a cloud-based platform that solves the challenge of email delivery. SendGrid provides and manages an email server on your company's behalf, so your communications with customers are reliably sent and delivered as needed.

Through the Gust Launch Accelerate subscription, SendGrid grants your company one free year of the Pro 300K Plan allowing up to 300K emails/month, as well as six months of access to—a total value of $3,000 ($249.95/monthly for 12 months).


  • Email Deliverability: Dedicated IPs, white-labeling, sub-user management, and advanced API features.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Powerful list segmentation, A/B testing, engagement features, and marketing email performance.
  • Load Testing: Free 6-month access to to stress test your web apps & APIs with thousands of concurrent connections.

You can redeem your SendGrid plan from the Partner Perks page inside Gust Launch.

Last updated on October 3, 2018