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Arjun Pillai

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Founded September 2018

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Second-time founder

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B2B MarTech

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Who is Arjun Pillai?

Arjun Pillai is originally from India and has been in the data industry for many years. As Founder and CEO of Profoundis, he successfully sold to FullContact in 2016. After the acquisition, he served as Head of Data Strategy at FullContact until 2018, when he decided to start his second and current company,

Founding Insent

With his experience in data combined with his operational knowledge of the B2B marketplace, Arjun resolved to help marketers connect with buyers in a faster and more seamless way. Thus Insent was born. Insent is a B2B conversational marketing platform that identifies, connects and engages prospects with the right sales people to drive real-time conversations.

Incorporation challenges led Arjun to Gust Launch…

Incorporation was a big challenge for Arjun, and as is the case for most first-time founders, he was unsure as to what steps to take to get his company off the ground. He ended up losing thousands of dollars on his first company because the incorporation process wasn’t done correctly by the legal team he had hired. For his second time around, he knew that he needed a trustworthy, affordable way to incorporate and do it right. Ultimately, the price point of Gust Launch (alongside the company’s reputation) was the biggest draw for Arjun.

Arjun found the incorporation process on Gust Launch to be easy and extremely affordable. Getting his company up and running quickly, with everything including incorporation, stock grants, and board actions for only $300 felt like a no-brainer, especially given his prior costly challenges with incorporation. He loved the fact that all of his formation documents could be easily accessed in one place.

Active Launch Founder Community Contributor

Arjun is an active member of the Gust Launch Founder Community. He assists his fellow founders with invaluable insights that help them navigate their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Bob 11:37 AM

Have interest from some investors. They are offering $50k for a 25% stake in our company that currently has not hit the market yet. Thoughts? I know it's a lot and of course will negotiate, but thought I would hear your inputs. Thanks.

Arjun 12:46 PM

Convertible/SAFE is the way to go for sure. If you want to convince him for a higher valuation, point the investor to this direction - This will help you to make a point that $150K pre-money is too low.

Arjun 12:56 PM

My first company was in a very small startup ecosystem from Kerala, India. Having seen many companies go down coz they are 'not investable', I really wanted to give as much color as possible.

…but Launch proved to be a lot more than just for incorporation

Given his positive experience with Start, Arjun decided to upgrade to Accelerate so that he could access the Gust Launch non-disclosure agreements and connect with a legal team through the platform. He was able to hire an experienced lawyer that understood his preferred path for fundraising, and utilize the Gust Launch founder IP agreements after bringing on a co-founder.

Using Non-Disclosure Agreements

Arjun frequently uses Gust Launch NDAs in order to protect his startup’s assets as he builds out his team.

Arjun sees Gust as continuing to support him as he works toward revenue goals

As a founder, Arjun views every day of his startup as a checkpoint. Insent is steadily growing and has made significant headway with the data sourcing side of the company. Arjun has set several big revenue goals over the next few years and to achieve these goals, he believes Gust Launch is his partner in providing all of the legal documentation that his startup will require. In order to continue building out his team and raising money, Arjun will need additional non-disclosure agreements and will use the Gust Launch SAFE to help make his fundraising efforts even more fruitful. As Insent’s revenue grows, Arjun ultimately wants to utilize as many of the Gust Launch features as possible to help him succeed and keep all of his business activities on one platform.

What Arjun loves most about Gust Launch: peace of mind, trust, and CaaS

There are three primary things that stand out for Arjun about Launch. The first is peace of mind. Arjun feels that he doesn’t have to worry that he will make unnecessary and costly mistakes. The second is trust. He trusts that the Gust team knows what they are doing, follows best practices, and will never overcharge for any services. The third is Company as a Service. He really sees the value of having everything on one platform, guiding founders at each stage of the startup process. He appreciates that Gust is working hard towards building out and providing a comprehensive CaaS experience.

I recommend Gust to all founders I know and have already referred two other founders to the platform.

Arjun Pillai

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