After participating in the inaugural Open Cap Table Summit, Gust is excited to announce its role as a new member of the Open Cap Table Coalition.

What is the Open Cap Table Coalition?

The Open Cap Table Coalition is a cross-industry group that is collaborating to improve the interoperability, transparency, and portability of startup capitalization data. The working group includes major law firms that advise emerging companies, leading software providers, venture capital firms, and other critical members of the startup ecosystem.

As a foundational step, the Coalition members are producing a first iteration of the Open Cap Table Format (OCF), an open source format to enable a new, more collaborative era in capitalization data management that aims to prioritize companies’ changing needs and help the ecosystem become more efficient. This first-of-its-kind cap table standard format will be released in Q1 of 2022.

Why is Gust Joining?

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to turn a great startup idea into a great startup business. A key part of pursuing that mission over the past decade has been developing software like Gust Launch that helps early-stage companies manage their equity and capitalization safely, easily, and cost-effectively.

While building these solutions we've experienced first-hand the unnecessary friction and cost introduced when capitalization data isn't easily accessible across providers in a uniform format. We're thrilled to join group of like-minded individuals and companies working toward reducing these inefficiencies in order to help more startups succeed.

Where Can I Learn More?

For more information on the Open Cap Table Coalition, you can visit their medium blog or email them at

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