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Vahlsing Inc. is seeking accredited investors for our various projects via a private placement subscription agreement.

Company Summary

Vahlsing Inc. is seeking Pre-IPO securities brokers that handle accredited investors (pink sheets speculators) for Pre-IPO high risk / unsecured / non-recourse ground-breaking seed venture capital in the amount of $13,000,000. Vahlsing seeks accredited investors only with their own funds (NO LOANS).

Investments - Real estate, aviation, movie production, green energy, etc.

Christina M. Vahlsing, Vahlsing Inc.


  • 2 cmv 20july 2012 202010

    Christina M. Vahlsing is the owner of VAHLSING INC.

    Video Note: Enjoy the music of “Prokofiev: Scythian Suite, Op. 20 - III. Night. Andantino - Poco piu mosso” with VAHLSING INC. Tiger in a snowy ice ball.

    VAHLSING sounds like waltzing, only with a V.
    Siberian Tigers are our logo.
    I speak one language and that is English.

  • Vahlsing Inc. is structured as a diversified conglomerate covering industries for Major Movie Production (Entertainment), Real Estate Multi-Commercial Development with Private Airport (Aviation) and Movie Studio, R&D and Manufacturing for Energy Devices (Green Technology) including and not limited to other investments.
    “You can build anything; anywhere; with anything.”