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Vahlsing Inc. is seeking accredited investors for our various projects via a private placement subscription agreement.

Company Summary

Vahlsing inc. is seeking venture capital investors. Vahlsing will continue to raise capital for all of its projects. If you feel you would like to help please contact Christina M. Vahlsing, VAHLSING INC. at email:
[email protected]


  • 2 cmv 20july 2012 202010

    Christina M. Vahlsing is the owner of VAHLSING INC.

    Video Note: Enjoy the music of “Prokofiev: Scythian Suite, Op. 20 - III. Night. Andantino - Poco piu mosso” with VAHLSING INC. Tiger in a snowy ice ball.

    VAHLSING sounds like waltzing, only with a V.
    Siberian Tigers are our logo.
    I speak one language and that is English.

  • Vahlsing Inc. is structured as a diversified conglomerate covering industries for Major Movie Production (Entertainment), Real Estate Multi-Commercial Development with Private Airport (Aviation) and Movie Studio, R&D and Manufacturing for Energy Devices (Green Technology) including and not limited to other investments.
    “You can build anything; anywhere; with anything.”