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The Santana Foundation

.......And these are the first fruits for the "Great Blessing" for the harvest of, God! "HOSANNA!"

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MISSION STATEMENT: To bless people with the returns of the HARVEST. For a more enlightened understanding of the beauty of Christ! And to seek union with God, through spiritual developement. And intellectual clarity of the weakness of man, for the cleansing of the soul. Further, to aid the helpless, disadvanteged, and, downtrodden, when ever possible in the spirit of love, through the living spirit of, Christ Jesus. For the love of God!


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    Sirvante Hunter
    Executive Director

    I'm, Blessed Brother Sirvante. And I am a brother in the priesthood in the order of Aaron. What that means in part is that I am a keeper of the flame of God, as in ancient times. It also means that my life evolves around spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, as lord, savior, and King of kings, over the world. I also run an online ministry at, . And I'm on Google with 4,000 followers worldwide and counting.