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We can send money to any country in the world faster, cheaper and safer than anyone.

Company Summary

We have a payment platform with a prepaid debit card pin base oriented towards the unbanked people. Our platform is unique because we work on "Close Loop", meaning we control the fees, and the % to distribute with our merchants and agents. We can do card transfers Faster, more economically and safer than Moneygram and/or Western Union, our customers are distributions chains with thousands of stores in several Latin American countries


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    Steve Hodges

    Senior level technology expert, with extensive experience over a 25 year period with the integrations and deployment of both large and small scale projects that has included systems design and implementation of IXC, CLEC, IVR’s, PBX’s, LAN’s, WAN’s, MPLS, WEB , Databases, SS7, PRI, TDMA, PCI Compliance, SAS 70 Compliance, HIPA Compliance, BSA Compliance at the hardware and software levels. Currently have a patent pending for VoIP technologies.

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    Initial start up no initial investors